Judith Ring

Judith has many years’ experience as a secular teacher and teacher trainer, having taught writing, literature and cultural studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

She taught meditation for 6 years before joining The Mind Illuminated teacher training in 2016. In October 2018, she served as Resident Teacher at Dharma Treasure Retreat Center at Cochise Stronghold. For the last several years she has primarily worked one-on-one with meditators.

The Mind Illuminated has been Judith’s primary practice since 2011. Before that, she practiced meditation in a number of different styles, including a Mahasi-based insight style and a Tibetan Buddhist lineage which included meditations based on visualization and mantra. Metta was her primary practice for a 7-year period during the 1990s.

Whether working one-on-one or in groups, Judith has become adept at facilitating learning environments in which participants co-create knowledge and meaning. She enjoys helping meditators explore the nuances of The Mind Illuminated and learn to rejoice in where they are in personal practice and investigate ways to further their practice. She has worked with meditators from Stages 1 through 7 and feels confident in working with others through Stage 8.

One-on-one meetings

A limited number of appointments are open for one-on-one meetings with Judith. She is available to meet in person or online.

Please use the contact form to request a meeting.

Cost of one-on-one meetings

Meditation meetings are offered at no charge. Judith asks that meditators with whom she meets make donations to her meditation teacher, Upasaka Culadasa (John Yates), at his Patreon page.