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Equitas Group Cash Flow Tool

The principles underlying the Equitas Cash Flow Tool are powerful. We've put over 30 years of combined experience into the Equitas Cash Flow Tool to make these principles available to you.

  • If there is enough money, but you still wonder where it all went...

  • If there never seems to be enough money and you are struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck...

  • If you have had a significant change in your income...

  • If you are on a fixed income...


Cash Flow Analysis and Cash Flow Planning

The financial analysis we provide helps to create a plan within which clients blossom, and very often their lives transform. We address issues related to family over-spending, over-reliance on credit cards, or issues which occur during major life changes like divorce, death in the immediate family, disability, or unexpected job loss. We use more than 25 years of experience to analyze clients’ circumstances in light of their goals.

Cash Flow Organization

An IRS auditor once told us that someone who comes in with a paper bag filled with receipts is a prime target for a full IRS audit. The IRS auditor discovered through experience that well-organized records are a typical indication that the taxpayer’s returns are also well organized. Organizing and tracking financial documents can be a key to minimizing stress about money. Organized financial records certainly provide a platform to manage cash flow successfully. We can show clients simple ways to keep records and receipts well organized.

Instruction in Managing One’s Own Cash Flow

There’s an old adage in financial services: Pay yourself first. Who actually ever does this? When the paycheck arrives the big bills usually get paid like the mortgage and car loans. Then come the credit cards and daily expenses. What’s left over? Nothing. Bills have to be paid of course. But without a system in place you’ll never have anything left over to save or invest. What money will there be for retirement or your kids’ college education? We teach clients how to track their finances and they expend very little effort to do it.



Mindfulness and Money 

The Equitas Cash Flow Tool 

Managing cash flow wisely supports everyone’s ability to live fearlessly. Once you have a clear awareness of your situation the path to your goals becomes clear. 

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