About Us

The three principals of Equitas Group are Elliot Willard, Judith Ring, and Bob Arnold. We’ve been friends for more than 15 years. We’ve been like-minded about finances, investment, and how best to serve others since the beginning of our friendship.

We love working together. Each of us brings something unique to our business relationship.

Elliot has more than 25 years of sound financial services experience, as well as a passion for real estate. He thinks in numbers and is a wizard at finding ways to show the picture that numbers can tell. Judith offers solid experience in research, which enables the company to keep abreast of current market trends in relation to historical ones. She also has been a writer for 40 years, a talent which helps clients understand the cash flow analyses we can offer. Bob has 30 years of Information Services experience in working with computer software and hardware and has been teaching others how to use technology fearlessly for the length of his career. He puts these gifts to work when he shows clients how to effortlessly use the Equitas Cash Flow tool, which is the foundation for clients’ ability to live fearlessly when it comes to their money.

We’ve learned through experience that clients are best served when we know their goals, even dreams they may think are unachievable. By showing clients how to plant seeds and garden for the future, we can help them bring dreams to fruition.

The seeds we show clients how to plant are based on the abiding truth that everything which happens to us comes from the way that we treat others. When clients learn to cultivate the right seeds, based on thinking about and helping others, they can make their own dreams come true.




(l to r) Eliot, Judith, Bob